Reading In Armenian - Armenian Kids Club
Reading In Armenian

by Armine Hakopyan February 04, 2020

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Project Make A Friend - Armenian Kids Club
Project Make A Friend

by Armine Hakopyan October 27, 2019

Project Make A Friend is a Pen Pal program between Armenian children from all around the world. Through the project, we hope to answer the question, "why should I learn Armenian?" Armenian Kids Club has a mission to promote and encourage Armenian language literacy, and to connect the children of the diaspora with Armenian language, culture, and history.

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Vardavar: Fire hose Face Off - Armenian Kids Club
Vardavar: Fire hose Face Off

by Armine Hakopyan July 28, 2019

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Avoid the Summer Slide! - Armenian Kids Club
Avoid the Summer Slide!

by Armine Hakopyan June 23, 2019

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