Welcome to Armenian Kids Club. With our business partner and family friend, Henri Hovhanesyan we decided to take this awesome journey of creating fresh, fun and educational content for Armenian kids around the world! Our website was conceived in 2015 as a result of many years of searching for ways to teach our children how to read, write and think Armenian in a fun and interactive way. We decided it was our mission to come up with a solution and we did.

Our Location
We live and are based out of Glendale, California. Here, we are surrounded by the Armenian language and Armenian culture because there is a large Armenian community here. There are a few bookstores and many Armenian private schools and preschools in Glendale. There are concerts and a few shows now and then for the youth, but the resources available online and in digital form were very limited. Due to the fact that we couldn’t find more that a few scattered resources online, we decided to create them ourselves.

With a bachelor’s degree in television production and a minor in Armenian studies, Armine has always been interested in telling stories. Armine worked many years for Tapan Production and Tapan II TV program as an editor and graphic designer. The skills she acquired over the years have given her the tools we needed to be able to start this journey. With the help of our family and friends, we finally launched www.Armeniankidsclub.com in October 2015.

We love sharing the nursery rhymes and printable material with our little ones. They give us the kids’ stamp of approval before we publish the content. We hope that your children will find this website fun and educational as well. Check in frequently for more content.


Armine J. Hakopyan
Ash Hakopyan
Henri Hovhanesyan