Our "Why” Statement

Why do we do what we do?  We aim to become the one central place where kids, parents and educators can come to for valuable resources in helping kids learn Armenian.  We publish books, games, digital content and much more for kids but we do it in a way that appeals to kids in the diaspora.  A lot of time is spent on research and collaboration with professionals in this space to make sure our products are using proven techniques that help kids learn better, faster and in a more engaging way.  

We remove the stress for parents of how to best transfer Armenian culture to your kids in a fun and engaging way.

Meet The Founders



Hi, I’m one of the co-founders of Armenian Kid Club. I’d like to note that I was totally against this unnatural pose you see in this image.   

I’ve always loved to tell stories but I feel that when we started AKC, that’s when I got my chance to really dive into it.  I received a bachelor’s degree in television production from CSUN and also minored in Armenian studies from the same university.  After graduation, I went on to work many years for a local TV Production company as an editor and graphic designer.  In 2015, I put both my education and work experience into Armenian Kids Club.  I haven’t looked back since!


Hi, I’m Ash.  When I’m working on AKC products, I feel very young at heart.  I must say that I’m proud to be one of the co-founders of Armenian Kids Club, Inc.

My background is in Information Technology for about 16 years now. Armenian Kids Club and the projects we work on for kids gives me a sense of satisfaction that I just don’t get from I.T.  It’s just an awesome feeling!       

When Did We Start?

Armenian Kids Club was founded in 2015 as a result of many years of searching for ways to teach our children how to read, write and think Armenian in a fun and interactive way. 
It is our firm belief that we absolutely must teach our kids Armenian as well as other languages.  Learning a language is a great way to flex the brain power of a child at an early stage of their lives. 

Obstacles We Faced

Some of the biggest hurdles we faced were starting with almost zero funds, high printing costs in the U.S., whether to publish in Eastern Armenian only or Western Armenian as well, and how to manage this massive workload with three young kids in the family.  We still have some of these issues today but we love our work so we plow through them anyway!   

How You Can Help

If your values align with ours and you love what we’re doing for the Armenian community, then please support us on our social media platforms, sign up to our email list and purchase our products.  Honestly, that’s the way to help us.  Oh and offer suggestions that can help us make our products better.  We listen to constructive criticism.

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