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Reading In Armenian

Reading in Armenian has many challenges. When I was expecting my first child, I immediately began my search for Armenian books to read to my future child. Some of the books were outdated in their content, some had unpleasant illustrations, some books were in Eastern Armenian, some in Western Armenian and some were lovely and amazing, but very expensive. I bought as many books as I could afford. Many parents in the diaspora face these challenges when thinking about reading in Armenian. I became obsessed with understanding the challenges and ultimately Armenian Kids Club was born to address as many of...
by Armine Hakopyan on February 04, 2020
A Day of Storytelling - Armenian Kids Club

A Day of Storytelling

Storytelling is an ancient and vital part of what it means to be human. We are all fascinated with hearing stories, telling stories and making up new stories. Ancient man has left his mark in thousands of caves across the globe, telling the stories of their ancient worlds. Kings and warriors have been telling stories of their triumphs and conquests. Mothers and fathers have been telling their children bedtime stories before sending them off to the land of dreams.  When my children were young, we began a tradition of our own. I would tell an impromptu story, making it up as I...
by Armine Hakopyan on May 28, 2019
Armenian Kids Club event at Homenetmen Sipan chapter - Armenian Kids Club

Armenian Kids Club event at Homenetmen Sipan chapter

On May 19, 2018, Armenian Kids Club turned a reception hall at the Burbank Homenetmen "Sipan" chapter into our very own clubhouse. We introduced our newest book "Hayk's Dreams" to our young audience with a reading from the book. "Hayk's Dreams" is about a little boy who starts to wonder what he will become when he grows up. His  companion is "Hzor Shant" who comes to life from a poster and together they let their imaginations take over.  Our young audience also shared with the group what they wanted to become when they grew up. Hrant wanted to become a...
by Ash Hakopyan on May 31, 2018
Armenian Kids Club attends Artsakh IS Armenia Festival at Verdugo Park - Armenian Kids Club

Armenian Kids Club attends Artsakh IS Armenia Festival at Verdugo Park

On March 18, 2018, approximately 5000 people participated in the festivities to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Liberation of Artsakh. Armenian Kids Club was also in attendance.
by Armine Hakopyan on March 27, 2018