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Reading In Armenian - Armenian Kids Club

Reading In Armenian

Reading in Armenian has many challenges. When I was expecting my first child, I immediately began my search for Armenian books to read to my future child. Some of the books were outdated in their content, some had unpleasant illustrations, some books were in Eastern Armenian, some in Western Armenian and some were lovely and amazing, but very expensive. I bought as many books as I could afford. Many parents in the diaspora face these challenges when thinking about reading in Armenian. I became obsessed with understanding the challenges and ultimately Armenian Kids Club was born to address as many of...
by Armine Hakopyan on February 04, 2020
Avoid the Summer Slide! - Armenian Kids Club

Avoid the Summer Slide!

It’s a long way down the summer slide. Reaching the bottom can be disappointing for parents and educators. The summer slide is not a funky new dance move, it’s not even a fun slide that plops you into the pool on a summer day. The summer slide is a phenomenon, where your child's brain's elasticity actually shrinks (yikes!) because of the lack of continuous rigor and practice. Your child goes back to school in the fall, having forgotten a lot of what she/he has learned before the summer break.  We want our kiddos to soak up the sun, drink cold lemonade, play in...
by Armine Hakopyan on June 23, 2019