Reading In Armenian

by Armine Hakopyan on February 04, 2020

Reading in Armenian has many challenges. When I was expecting my first child, I immediately began my search for Armenian books to read to my future child. Some of the books were outdated in their content, some had unpleasant illustrations, some books were in Eastern Armenian, some in Western Armenian and some were lovely and amazing, but very expensive. I bought as many books as I could afford. Many parents in the diaspora face these challenges when thinking about reading in Armenian.

I became obsessed with understanding the challenges and ultimately Armenian Kids Club was born to address as many of the hurdles as possible.

I asked teachers who are using our books in their classrooms, which parts of our books were appealing to them. The answer was the big font, the dazzling illustrations, and the leveled reading books in the Reading In Armenian Series.

Our Reading In Armenian book series created by Armenian Kids Club aims to match an individual child's reading level with engaging and educational text. There are 4 levels meant to help guide students and help with fluency and vocabulary.

Whether your little reader is just starting to identify the letters in the Alphabet, or they are reading simple sentences on their own, our books will help them become great readers.

Now that I have three children, each at a different reading level, I test the books out on them and recently I wrote a book called “Gohar/Kohar and Puppy”, which they all approved.

This book is a level 2 and is for children who have already identified the sounds for all the letters and are beginning to read on their own. This book uses repetitive words and simple sentences.

Two friends are looking for their lost ball to play with. As they look around the house, the reader learns the names of the rooms. As they face a challenge, the reader learns that small obstacles can be overcome.

Jenya Hakopyan illustrated this story with colorful and delightful characters that your little readers will love.

Find this book and others at www.armeniankidsclub.com