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Is Learning Armenian Difficult? - Armenian Kids Club

Is Learning Armenian Difficult?

Is Learning Armenian as difficult as climbing an icy mountain? Sometimes it can feel like it is. Recently, I posted on social media, products we are developing and publishing. They are meant to help kids learn Armenian in a fun and engaging way. An older Armenian gentleman sent me a message saying he wished he had learned Armenian. I replied, "It's not too late, give it a go!" My optimism and genuine desire to encourage someone well into their 60's was met with, "Armenian is too difficult." Then, all I could say was. "Oh, I see." I decided to search for...
by Armine Hakopyan on May 13, 2019
Be The Best You Can Be - Teach Your Child Armenian - Armenian Kids Club

Be The Best You Can Be - Teach Your Child Armenian

We want the best of the best for our children. That includes the most amazing cake for their birthdays, the best school for their education and our love and kisses for their souls. We invest in their future because we believe that they will be amazing leaders, educators and creators. So when it comes to giving our children part of our Armenian heritage, many of us want to give the best of that as well. However, sometimes we don’t know what that is. It may be hard because we have not fully learned the language, history or culture ourselves. We...
by Armine Hakopyan on April 09, 2019
Story Time at Merdinian Armenian School - Armenian Kids Club

Story Time at Merdinian Armenian School

Armenian Kids Club had a great time with the students at Merdinian Armenian School. We told stories and used our imagination to create some great crafts and our own puppets.
by Armine Hakopyan on February 03, 2019
First Steps in Learning Armenian - Armenian Kids Club

First Steps in Learning Armenian

Imagine your child grows up to become the greatest Armenian poet of all time. Their names living in the hearts of Armenians for all time. Does that sound like a fantasy? Is your own Armenian broken or non-existent? Well, it doesn’t have to be a fantasy. The magnificent Komitas didn’t speak a word of Armenian until the age of 12. All you have to do is take that first step. If you are busy and overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. That’s ok. We are parents too and in between dance and soccer practice, work and big fat Armenian...
by Armine Hakopyan on February 03, 2019
Armenian kids club word game with two teams of eight kids

Armenian Kids Club event at Homenetmen Sipan chapter

On May 19, 2018, Armenian Kids Club turned a reception hall at the Burbank Homenetmen "Sipan" chapter into our very own clubhouse. We introduced our newest book "Hayk's Dreams" to our young audience with a reading from the book. "Hayk's Dreams" is about a little boy who starts to wonder what he will become when he grows up. His  companion is "Hzor Shant" who comes to life from a poster and together they let their imaginations take over.  Our young audience also shared with the group what they wanted to become when they grew up. Hrant wanted to become a...
by Ash Hakopyan on May 31, 2018
Our biggest finger puppet fan! - Armenian Kids Club

Our biggest finger puppet fan!

We met little Maya at the 30th Anniversary of Artsakh's liberation this past month.  It was middle of the day already and we had just sold out of all of our Sevuk oolik finger puppets when she came by our booth with her grandfather.
by Ash Hakopyan on April 21, 2018