Our biggest finger puppet fan!

by Ash Hakopyan on April 21, 2018

We met little Maya at the 30th Anniversary of Artsakh's liberation this past month.  It was middle of the day already and we had just sold out of all of our Sevuk oolik finger puppets when she came by our booth with her grandfather.

She loved the Sevuk Oolik reading book.  Her grandfather purchased one of our books for her but we just couldn't let her go with just the book.  We had one of the puppets with us and even though it was not in the complete set, we gave her the single Sevuk Oolik puppet as a gift.

Few days later her grandfather called us and was looking to purchase the other two puppets in the set at any cost.  She was asking for the other two puppets every day, multiple times a day.  How could we disappoint little Maya?  We looked through our inventory and found the other two puppets in the set and delivered it to her.  

She's since been recognized by Armenian Kids Club as the single most biggest fan of our finger puppet set.  We're very delighted that she loves the puppets and plays with them daily with such enjoyment.