Armenian Kids Club event at Homenetmen Sipan chapter

by Ash Hakopyan on May 31, 2018

On May 19, 2018, Armenian Kids Club turned a reception hall at the Burbank Homenetmen "Sipan" chapter into our very own clubhouse. We introduced our newest book "Hayk's Dreams" to our young audience with a reading from the book. "Hayk's Dreams" is about a little boy who starts to wonder what he will become when he grows up. His  companion is "Hzor Shant" who comes to life from a poster and together they let their imaginations take over. 

Our young audience also shared with the group what they wanted to become when they grew up. Hrant wanted to become a police officer. Two year old Maya wanted to become a princess.  Anna also shared that she wanted to become a police officer. Our sweet Nairi wanted to become a teacher and a scientist. Nareh wanted to become a dancer and her little sister wanted to become a doctor, a dentist, a police officer, a teacher and a dancer like her big sister. And young Shirak wanted to become a vampire. We loved hearing from all you little ones, thank you for participating.

The interactive storytelling didn't stop there. Because of popular demand and love for the story of Oolik by Hovhaness Tumanyan, we also did a reading from our very own Oolik. The enthusiastic audience also became involved and soon we had an oolik, a mother goat and wolf acting out the story. 

After story-time, the kids made their own astronaut helmets, just like Hayk. They also used play dough and sticks and created some interesting new creatures. We played a fun game of creating words with letters and then decorated a cookie or two. It was a great time and we hope to see many more of you at our next event.

Thank you to our sponsors during the event: Andre with Tea Pot Bakery, Ovsanna Mkhchian and Alin Kazarian with Arbonne, and Hovik Kepenyan with Dippin’ Dots. 

Thank you to Arpineh for volunteering and spending the day with us.

Thank you to our friends and family for your love and support.