Armenian Kids Club attends Artsakh IS Armenia Festival at Verdugo Park

March 27, 2018

Armenian Kids Club attends Artsakh IS Armenia Festival at Verdugo Park - Armenian Kids Club

Some battles are won and forgotten, others become a beacon of hope and faith in a better future. The liberation of Artsakh 30 years ago became that beacon that summoned Armenians from all over the world and united us. It gave birth to new heroes and heroines. It gave birth to a nation.

In Glendale, CA on March 18, 2018, dozens of organizations came together to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Liberation of Artsakh. In a humble and beautiful festival at Verdugo Park, approximately 5000 attendees sang, ate great food, shopped and danced the kochari.

H.E. Archbishop Barkev Martirosyan, Primate of Artsakh Diocese delivered a frank and powerful message about the future of Artsakh and the will and strength of the people who have fought to liberate Arstakh.

Armenian Kids Club wouldn't miss the chance to partake in the festivities, it is part of our mission to carry on the culture and language of this great nation and play a small role in preserving our heritage. For the special occasion, we had prepared a poster and a coloring page for the famous "We Are Our Mountains" sculpture, built in 1967 in Artsakh.

Children colored the pages as parents watched with glee. Thank you to Karine, David, Elen, Leon, Meghri, Ellen R., Milena, Anahit and to all our little artists that participated in decorating our booth with your lovely work.

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