My 5 Senses Coloring & Activity Sheets

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Learn About Your 5 Senses (4 pages)

You're a parent or a teacher who is looking for Armenian printable resources to help your child or classroom practice learning Armenian. You're tired of putting together your own printable resources, print them out for the whole class or for your own child every week, and are looking for a resource where you can just download the sheets and go on with your day.

We get you! We've been hard at work creating printable Armenian activity and worksheets for exactly you in mind! Now you can just focus on the ones you want to download and distribute to your class or your kids at home.

We even created our own Armenian font specifically to help teachers with their own printables!

These are 4-page printable activity sheets that introduce kids to learn more about their 5 senses in a fun way. Give your kids a fun and educational outlet. Pages include word searches, matching games, and creative writing in Armenian. Eastern and Western Armenian versions available during download.