Armenian Alphabet Workbook L1

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Level 1 Activity and Workbook

Our level 1 workbooks introduce kids to writing each letter as well as coloring pages and activities to make the process more fun.

Imagine how proud you'd feel if your child is able to write the Armenian letters and do it with clean, smooth lines.  It would be a very proud moment to see that as a parent, wouldn't it? 

Our Armenian alphabet workbooks are designed for kids, not parents or teachers.  We make sure they're having fun with our books while teaching them how to correctly write the Armenian letters. 

What's the big deal about writing nice, clean letters?  Writing is an art form, my fellow parent.  Let us give our kids all the fun tools so they can learn the right way the first time.  Writing beautifully will make your kids stand out for sure.

Our workbooks are designed by us with a lot of input from educators in Armenia and the U.S along with feedback from kids.  We print all our products in the U.S. and ship worldwide.  


  • Suitable Ages: 4+
  • Total Pages: 40
  • Dialects Available: Eastern & Western Armenian
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
  • AKC Level: Level 1 - Preschoolers
  • Armenian with English transliteration
  • Full Armenian alphabet included

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