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Avoid the Summer Slide! - Armenian Kids Club

Avoid the Summer Slide!

It’s a long way down the summer slide. Reaching the bottom can be disappointing for parents and educators. The summer slide is not a funky new dance move, it’s not even a fun slide that plops you into the pool on a summer day. The summer slide is a phenomenon, where your child's brain's elasticity actually shrinks (yikes!) because of the lack of continuous rigor and practice. Your child goes back to school in the fall, having forgotten a lot of what she/he has learned before the summer break.  We want our kiddos to soak up the sun, drink cold lemonade, play in...
by Armine Hakopyan on June 23, 2019
A Day of Storytelling - Armenian Kids Club

A Day of Storytelling

Storytelling is an ancient and vital part of what it means to be human. We are all fascinated with hearing stories, telling stories and making up new stories. Ancient man has left his mark in thousands of caves across the globe, telling the stories of their ancient worlds. Kings and warriors have been telling stories of their triumphs and conquests. Mothers and fathers have been telling their children bedtime stories before sending them off to the land of dreams.  When my children were young, we began a tradition of our own. I would tell an impromptu story, making it up as I...
by Armine Hakopyan on May 28, 2019
Is Learning Armenian Difficult? - Armenian Kids Club

Is Learning Armenian Difficult?

Is Learning Armenian as difficult as climbing an icy mountain? Sometimes it can feel like it is. Recently, I posted on social media, products we are developing and publishing. They are meant to help kids learn Armenian in a fun and engaging way. An older Armenian gentleman sent me a message saying he wished he had learned Armenian. I replied, "It's not too late, give it a go!" My optimism and genuine desire to encourage someone well into their 60's was met with, "Armenian is too difficult." Then, all I could say was. "Oh, I see." I decided to search for...
by Armine Hakopyan on May 13, 2019
Be The Best You Can Be - Teach Your Child Armenian - Armenian Kids Club

Be The Best You Can Be - Teach Your Child Armenian

We want the best of the best for our children. That includes the most amazing cake for their birthdays, the best school for their education and our love and kisses for their souls. We invest in their future because we believe that they will be amazing leaders, educators and creators. So when it comes to giving our children part of our Armenian heritage, many of us want to give the best of that as well. However, sometimes we don’t know what that is. It may be hard because we have not fully learned the language, history or culture ourselves. We...
by Armine Hakopyan on April 09, 2019