Coloring Books

Original Armenian Coloring Books are available in both Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian.  These make excellent gifts for any child age 4-6!  They are our own Armenian Kids Club original designs and characters.  We use either our own themes or create coloring books based on various Armenian themes as well.

  • Easter Coloring Book
  • New Year Coloring Book
  • Alphabet Coloring Book
  • Boo Coloring Book
  • Badik Coloring Book

Many Armenian schools have purchased these coloring books for their kids.  If you are an Armenian language teacher, a parent who wants their child to spend more time learning Armenian alphabet, primary colors, shapes and safety tips then our books are excellent!  We are always at work, creating new and exciting coloring books for Armenian kids to enjoy.

Other coloring books include about safety around the house, outdoors and much more!

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