Armenian Kids Club original Look I’m In a Book personalized books.  There are many more themes in the works so be sure to check out website often.  Your child can be the main character in any of these Look I’m in a Book Themes.  Take a look inside these books and get yours today from our shop section!

Eastern Armenian Themes

LiiaB ABC Theme

Look I'm In a Book - Alphabet in Eastern Armenian

LiiaB Badik Badik Theme

Look I'm In a Book - Badik Badik in Eastern Armenian

LiiaB Birthday Theme

Look I'm In a Book - Birthday in Eastern Armenian

LiiaB Easter Theme

Look I'm In a Book - Easter in Eastern Armenian

LiiB New Years Theme

Look I'm in a Book New Years Theme in Eastern Armenian

LiiB Numbers Theme

Look I'm in an Book Numbers in Eastern Armenian

Western Armenian versions are also available.  We will upload sample albums soon.


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